Top 6 Best Chainsaw For Farm Use in 2024 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you’ve ever spent a day on a farm, then you know that the phrase work smarter, not harder is more than just an adage—it’s practically a survival tactic.

When it comes to labor-intensive tasks like clearing land or chopping firewood, having the right tools can make all the difference.

Enter the world of chainsaws: incredibly versatile tools that can swiftly turn daunting jobs into manageable tasks.

But with so many models on the market, which one should accompany you in your farming endeavors?

To some people, a chainsaw may be just another power tool; but for farmers and homesteaders alike, it represents efficiency and productivity – even freedom from back-breaking labor.

It’s hard to imagine modern farming without these powerful machines whirring away at tough timbers or taming unruly hedges.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer looking for an upgrade or new to country life and wondering where to start in finding your ideal agricultural companion – we’ve got you covered in this detailed look at selecting the best chainsaw for farm use.

Understanding Farm Chainsaw Needs

Understanding your farm chainsaw needs goes beyond just recognizing that you need a tool to cut down trees or chop up wood.

It’s about factoring in the specifics of your farming operation and identifying the power, size, and safety features that are critical for effectiveness and convenience.

The type of trees prevalent on your farm also plays into considerations – thick-barked hardwoods can take a toll on chainsaw performance over time, requiring more robust chainsaw engines.

Furthermore, consider the kind of tasks; will you primarily be cutting horizontally (felling) or vertically (bucking)?

Each action requires different torque power and subsequently decides the chainsaw’s design fit for purpose.

Deeply understanding these nuances not only ensures you purchase the perfect tools, but also guarantees their longevity by preemptively addressing potential wear and tear situations.

Safety Tips for Using Farm Chainsaws

Whether you’re an experienced fence-clearer or a novice lumberjack, using chainsaws on the farm demands judicious safety measures.

The uncontrollable and rapid spinning motion of these tools can wreak havoc in seconds if not handled appropriately.

Amongst many considerations, the foremost thing should be personal protective equipment (PPE).

Donning a tough polycarbonate helmet will shield your head from loose branches that may dislodge when cutting.

Additionally, it is worthwhile investing in steel toe boots and cut-resistant chaps to safeguard your lower body.

Remember that a sharp tool is often safer than a dull one as it requires less force thus minimising kickbacks – chainsaw’s frequent yet dangerous rebounding action which can catch you off guard and could lead to severe injuries.

Keep an eye on the weather too! Mother nature can sometimes throw curveballs we don’t anticipate; never carry out woodcutting activities during high winds or stormy conditions which can make trees unpredictable.

Things to Consider when Choosing farm use Chainsaws

When selecting a chainsaw for farm use, it’s essential to factor in the complexity and frequency of tasks you plan on tackling.

  • For large-scale operations requiring daily use, consider high-power gas chainsaws with prolonged run time and robust engines that can withstand consistent wear and tear.
  • On the other hand, if you’re tending to a small farm with sporadic cutting needs, a battery-operated or corded electric chainsaw may suffice – more eco-friendly options that are easier to maintain and quieter in operation.
  • Also crucial is ease-of-use coupled with safety features. Look out for models offering anti-vibration systems which minimize fatigue during long sessions of work, and automatic chain oilers which ensure smooth functionality over time.
  • Furthermore, always bear ergonomics in mind! It should feel well-balanced when held; too much weight on one side might make handling difficult causing strain or injuries.
  • Thus select a model where comfort coincides with performance ensuring both effective farming activity and your wellbeing.
  • In addition to this, consider the type of fuel you would like your equipment to use.
  • Don’t forget about warranty and after-sales service offered by different brands.
  • Check whether replacement parts are easily available and affordable; any good brand should provide ample support if there’s an issue with their product down the line. A solid warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that your purchase is protected.
  • Moreover, it could be worth investing in some high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • This includes items such as gloves, work boots with steel cap protection and potentially even a chainsaw jacket which offers highly effective cut-resistant fabric while remaining comfortable to wear all day.

Top Rated Chainsaw Models for Farms- Review

1. WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw

WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw, 6.3“ Cordless Electric Compact Chain Saw with 2 Batteries, One-Hand Operated Portable Wood Saw with Replacement Guide Bar and Chain for Garden Tree Branch Pruning, Wood Cutting
  • Make Gardening Significantly Easier: With 16.4 ft/s of chain speed and 6.3” guide bar, longer and faster than many other cordless mini chainsaws, it is powerful enough to cut 1” to 4.3” diameter branches around any garden, and it only takes about 8 seconds to cut logs with a diameter of approx 10~11 cm (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood).
  • Lightweight & Compact: The mini electric chainsaw with lithium battery together weighs just 3.2 lbs, reducing arm fatigue while cutting, making it not only easier to one-handed operation but also safer than a heavier battery power chainsaw. Its small size allows it to fit into tight or awkward spaces that larger saws could not, like between tree branches or brush piles.
  • Tool-Free Installation & Tensioning: Please adjust the chain tension with roller adjuster before cutting. Without the need to use any tools, you can easily install and replace the chain by cutover the on-off. WORKPRO handheld mini chainsaw with two batteries and charger is almost ready-to-use right out of the box.

The WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw is designed with a lightweight and compact structure, making it an ideal tool for outdoor wood cutting and garden tree pruning.

It’s one-handed operation also adds to its ease of use, ensuring you can tackle tasks efficiently wherever you are.

These spare parts ensure that your mini chainsaw remains fully functional for longer periods.

Compact and Portable Design for Easy Handling

The WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to carry around your garden or property. Its lightweight nature doesn’t compromise its power, allowing you to tackle various wood cutting tasks with ease.

Cordless Convenience with Long-lasting Batteries

Free yourself from the limitations of corded chainsaws with this cordless electric chainsaw. It comes equipped with two batteries, ensuring an extended operation time and less frequent charging, which makes your work more efficient.

One-Hand Operation for User Comfort

The one-hand operation design of this mini chainsaw offers a unique level of comfort and control that other chainsaws can’t match. This feature allows you to cut through branches and logs without experiencing fatigue quickly.

Efficient Wood Cutting and Garden Pruning

With its powerful motor and sharp chain, the WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw excels at wood cutting and garden tree branch pruning tasks. The replacement guide bar ensures proper alignment during cuts, leading to clean, efficient cuts every time.

Durability for Long-Term Usage

Made from high-quality materials, the WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw is built to last. The included replacement chain prolongs the tool’s lifespan even further by ensuring it constantly runs at peak performance while reducing wear on other components.


  • Durable
  • Additional guide bar & chain
  • Safety features
  • Easy to use


  • Needs more lubrication
  • Less battery backup

2. Ecomax Cordless 18V Electric Chainsaw

Ecomax Cordless Chainsaw 12-Inch, 18V Electric Chainsaw with 4Ah Battery and Fast Charger, Powerful Chain Saws with Double Safety Switch for Wood Cutting, ideal for Farm Backyard Garden Ranch, ELG05
  • 【12″ CORDLESS SAW】 The 12″ electric chainsaw is equipped with a 3/8 chain pitch, has a chain speed of 19.6ft/s and a chain plate length of 12″, ideal for large log tree cutting. Chain saws for trees powered can cut up to 12″ in length, making it easy to handle logs from farms, your backyard, garden, and pastures.
  • 【HIGH POWER BATTERY】This cordless electric chainsaw comes with a powerful 18V 4Ah battery pack that provides continuous power for cutting tough materials. It is easy to use, lightweight, and has safety protection. The battery can be fully charged within 2-2.5H for optimum performance.
  • 【DOUBLE SAFETY PROTECTION DESIGN】 This electric cordless chainsaw is equipped with a switch brake and a mechanical brake. Front handguards with recoil braking provide superior safety and control, and safety locks prevent accidental activation. The power chain saw will only start after pulling the mechanical brake backward and pushing the safety lock, keeping the user safe.

The Ecomax Cordless Chainsaw 12-Inch operates on an impressive 18V power, capable of delivering high performance for wood cutting tasks.

This chainsaw is not just efficient, but also ensures a faster and smoother operation thanks to the powerful 4Ah battery that powers it.

Fast Charging and Long-lasting Battery Life

No need to worry about running out of power during intense cutting sessions. The included fast charger ensures your tool quickly gets back up to full capacity, while the durable 4Ah battery provides long lasting operation time between charges.

Powerful Cordless Operation

The Ecomax Cordless Chainsaw 12-Inch gives you a robust, cable-free cutting experience with its 18V electric operation. Unlike gas chainsaws, it’s more efficient and requires less maintenance, making it perfect for any backyard or farm tasks.

Excellent Safety Features

Your safety is our priority; therefore, the Ecomax Chainsaw comes equipped with a double safety switch to prevent accidental starts. It provides the needed peace of mind when tackling tough wood-cutting jobs around your garden or ranch.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Despite its power, the Ecomax Cordless Chainsaw is lightweight and compact, offering easy maneuverability even in tight spaces. This feature makes the chainsaw less tiring to use over extended periods while ensuring precision in every cut.

Automatic chain tension and oiling system

With this brilliant mechanism, you can say goodbye to the constant worry of whether your chainsaw’s chain is too tight or too slack. Built-in sensors in modern saws monitor the chain tension continuously, adjusting it as needed during your tasks.


  • Light weight
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Powerful battery
  • Portable chainsaw


  • Chain may become weak with time
  • Storage problem
  • Suitable for small tasks

3. WEMARS 58cc Gas Chainsaw

WEMARS 58cc Gas Chainsaw 18 Inch Power Chain Saw 2-Cycle Handed Petrol Chainsaws Gasoline Chain Saws Garden Tool for Cutting Wood Outdoor Home Farm Use(‎WS-5818G-58cc)
  • High Performance: WEMARS 58cc 18 inch powerful gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain for cutting wood that need a longer bars. 2 stroke motors with integrated chain brake for safety and stable while operating. Low kickback safety function and excellent electronic ignition system can reduce the risk during operation
  • Tension Adjustment: Automatic chain lubricator adjustable chain oil feed and quick and easy chain tension adjustment. The rugged 18 inch steel chain saw knob-type automatic tightening function is a side-adjustable chain that is easy to operate and maintain while delivering the highest cutting performance
  • Reasonable Design: The combination of ergonomic front and back anti-vibration handles, cushioned wrap handles and balanced design make the gasoline chain saw easy to use and comfortable to operate. Chainsaws suitable conquer tree felling, wood cutting for lumberjacks in the forest or other use

The WEMARS 58cc Gas Chainsaw guarantees high efficiency with its robust engine power of 58cc.

This extremely powerful tool makes quick work of cutting through wood, making it perfect for all your outdoor or farm needs.

Easy Start Mechanism

Forget about the hassle of struggling to start your chainsaw. The WEMARS 58cc Gas Chainsaw comes with an easy start mechanism that gets your chainsaw up and running in no time, enhancing convenience and saving you precious time.

Versatile Usage

Whether it’s for home use, outdoor tasks or farm duties, the WEMARS Gas Chainsaw is a versatile tool designed for a range of applications. Its powerful performance makes it a reliable choice for cutting wood, trimming trees or managing other demanding tasks.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use

The 2-cycle handed design of this petrol chainsaw provides comfort during extended periods of use, reducing fatigue and improving efficiency. With its user-friendly design, handling this chainsaw has never been easier or more comfortable.

Superior Safety Features

The safety of our users is our top priority. This chainsaw comes equipped with an anti-kickback chain and an integrated safety switch to stop the machine instantly when required, offering you peace of mind while operating.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

The 2-cycle engine on the WEMARS Chainsaw not only delivers powerful performance but also offers better fuel efficiency. This means less time spent refueling and more time getting those important tasks done.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to start
  • Versatile uses


  • Chain tightening may cause problem
  • Requires more strength

4. 62cc 2 Stroke Handed Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw

62cc Gas Chainsaws 20 Inch Bar Power Chain Saws, Gas Powered Chainsaw 2 Stroke Handed Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw for Cutting Wood Outdoor Garden Farm Home Use with Tool Kit(6220FH)
  • 《The Ergonomic Anti-Vibration Handles:》-Garwinner Gas Chainsaw front and back anti-vibration Handles makes it comfortable to operate and control. The ergonomic design paired with the cushion wrap handle makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate.
  • 《Great Power & High Efficiency:》-Gasoline Chainsaw 62CC with 2-stroke motors for incredible power. Low kickback safety features, including built-in safety break, reduces risk during operation. Excellent & reliable ignition system: Electronic ignition for powerful smooth running.
  • 《Air Filter & Automatic lubricating System:》-Garwinner 20″ Bar Gasoline Powered Chain Saw Equipped with a filtering system that guarantees long air filter life and reduced fuel consumption. Automatic lubricating system, reduces the friction between the quiding board and the chain, prolongs using life.

User-friendly Design

This chainsaw is designed with user comfort in mind. It features a comfortable grip handle that minimizes hand fatigue during extended use, and its easy-starting system allows you to start the tool quickly and easily, saving time and reducing frustration.

Versatile Applications

Whether it’s for cutting firewood, pruning trees, or tackling large-scale landscaping projects, this gas-powered chainsaw is an ideal tool for a wide range of outdoor tasks. Its powerful performance ensures it’s suitable for both professional loggers and homeowner use.

Durable & Long-lasting

Made with robust materials, the 62cc Gas Chainsaws are built to withstand heavy use in tough environments. The high-quality chain guarantees long service life, ensuring that your purchase is an investment that will last for years.

Powerful & Efficient Performance

The 62cc Gas Chainsaw provides superior power for heavy-duty cutting tasks. Its 20-inch bar and high-speed two-stroke engine allow you to cut through hard, dense wood with ease, making your outdoor garden and farm projects faster and more efficient.

Comprehensive Tool Kit Included

Each chainsaw comes with a complete tool kit for assembly and maintenance needs, saving you from extra expenses on tools. This comprehensive package enables you to keep your chainsaw in optimal condition at all times – further extending its lifespan while maintaining peak performance.


  • High speed two stroke engine
  • Compact design
  • Long lasting
  • Many applications


  • Needs more maintenance
  • Heavy weight

5. Leweiiq Gas Powered Chainsaw

Leweiiq Gas Powered Chainsaw 58CC 2-Cycle 20-Inch Professional Power Chain Saws for Forest Cutting Trees, Wood, Garden, and Farm Use
  • 😍【Ideal choice】This gasoline chainsaw has the advantages of high quality(nylon and Mn steel material), superior performance, powerful engine, which is a professional cutting tool with high efficiency that saves you time and labor. With silencing and damping designs, an ergonomic handle, dual switches, a braking baffle, and a pull-start ignition method, it is comfortable and safe to use.
  • 💪【Muti-Angle Cutting】You can achieve muti-angle cutting by changing the direction of the machine, which is convenient for you to use.
  • 💪【High Safety】The double protection switches that must be pressed at the same time to work can prevent the machine from accidentally starting, thus guaranteeing the safety of cutting work. Moreover, the guide plate has an inertia-activated chain brake to reduce the possibility of injury due to recoil.

The Leweiiq Gas Powered Chainsaw comes with a high-performance 58CC 2-cycle engine.

This robust engine provides exceptional power, enabling you to handle the toughest forest cutting jobs and large-scale wood processing tasks easily and efficiently.

Superior Cutting Efficiency

Equipped with a 20-Inch professional-grade chain, this chainsaw effortlessly cuts through large trees, offering superior efficiency. Its high-speed performance ensures quick completion of your tasks, saving time and effort.

Powerful Performance

The Leweiiq Gas Powered Chainsaw is fitted with a 58CC 2-Cycle engine that delivers exceptional power for cutting through even the toughest wood. It’s designed for heavy-duty forest cutting, making it an invaluable tool for professional lumberjacks and farmers.

User-Friendly Design with enhanced comfort

The Leweiiq Chainsaw features an ergonomic design that increases comfort during operation and reduces fatigue. Its balanced weight distribution ensures a steady grip while the easy-start system allows for hassle-free operation every time.

Versatile Use

Beyond forest cutting, this chainsaw is perfect for garden use and farm-related tasks. Whether you’re trimming branches in your backyard or chopping firewood on your farm, the Leweiiq Chainsaw is versatile enough to handle all your needs.

Durable Construction for long term use

Built to withstand rigorous use, the Leweiiq Gas Powered Chainsaw boasts a robust construction that guarantees long-lasting performance. From its sturdy engine to its durable chain, every part of this chainsaw is designed to stand the test of time.


  • User friendly design
  • Smooth oiling system
  • Multi angle cutting
  • Good performance


  • Less lifespan
  • Engine may cause problem
  • More loud

6. SAHUANIYE 62CC Gasoline Powered Chainsaw

SAHUANIYE 58CC Gasoline Powered Chainsaw,20″ 2-Cycle Handle Chain Saw Pro HandHeld Cordless Petrol Chain Saws With 2 Chains, Ideal For Cutting Trees Wood/Forest/Timber/Garden And Farm Use
  • High Efficiency:The 62CC gas saw is equipped with a two-stroke engine to reduce fuel consumption and emissions; up to 12,500 RPM provides steady power to the 20-inch wear-resistant sprocket and chain.
  • Reliable Structure:The surface of the chain saw is made of new plastic material that is more resistant to high temperature and aging. High temperature resistance, good wear resistance; Valve throttle switch, safer to use; Anti-slip handle effectively reduces machine vibration and increases operating comfort.
  • Save Fuel:Automatic fuel supply provides a stable and economical supply chain and bar. While providing the highest cutting performance, it helps reduce fuel consumption, is more environmentally friendly, and maximizes the working time and service life of the gas-powered engine chain saw.

With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, the SAHUANIYE 62CC Gasoline Powered Chainsaw promises to stand up against daily wear and tear.

This durable chainsaw promises longevity and reliable performance for years to come.

Extended Work Efficiency

This chainsaw comes with two chains that allow you to work continuously without the need for frequent replacements. With these 2-cycle petrol chain saws, you can increase productivity by reducing downtime.

Powerful Performance

The SAHUANIYE 62CC Gasoline Powered Chainsaw is designed with a robust 62cc engine, ensuring immense power for any cutting task. Its high-performance motor delivers consistently efficient operation, making it ideal for demanding tree felling and timber cutting tasks.

Convenient and User-friendly Design

This chainsaw features a 2-cycle handle design that makes it easy to operate even during demanding tasks. It’s handheld and cordless which provides flexibility of movement, making your cutting tasks easier and more comfortable.

Reliable Durability

Crafted from high-quality materials, this petrol chainsaw ensures longevity and durability. Its sturdy design can withstand heavy-duty use over time, providing value and efficiency in all your wood-cutting activities.

Bonus Inclusions

The package includes two chains so you won’t need to buy replacements anytime soon. This means added value for you as you can easily switch between chains when needed for optimum cutting performance.


  • Long lasting
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Better results
  • User friendly design


  • Bit costly
  • Chain adjustment problem
  • Takes time to cool down


In conclusion, choosing the right chainsaw for farm use is an essential task that requires careful consideration of factors such as power, durability, safety features, and ease of use.

Always remember to prioritize personal safety when using these powerful tools.

We encourage further research and consultation with experts to ensure that the best possible chainsaw is selected for your farm tasks.

Remember that safety features are essential in any chainsaw used on a farm. With the right tool in hand, maintaining your farm can be much easier and more efficient.

Explore your options today and find the chainsaw that fits perfectly with your farming lifestyle and requirements.


Q: Do I need a specific size of chainsaw for farming?

The size of the chainsaw needed will depend on your tasks. Generally, 16-20 inch bar length is suitable for most farm work.

Q: Are there any safety features that I should consider in a chainsaw for farming?

Yes, look for features like anti-vibration systems, chain brakes and safety throttle switches when purchasing a chainsaw for farm use.

Q: How important is the weight of the chainsaw?

Weight is crucial as it affects maneuverability and fatigue levels. Opt for models which balance power with manageable weight.

Q: Should I choose a corded or cordless chainsaw for farm use?

Cordless can be convenient because they’re portable, but corded models usually offer more power. Gas-powered models are generally preferred in farms for their high performance and mobility.

Q: Are there eco-friendly options available?

Yes, electrically powered models tend to be more eco-friendly than gas-powered versions due to lower emissions.

Q: How often do I need to maintain my chainsaw used in a farm setting?

Regular maintenance is essential. Daily checks on chain tension and sharpness should be made along with regular cleaning after every use.

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